General information about the translation of patents

Since we can look back at 30 years of experience, we know how the formatting and the content of a patent should appear. You can place your confidence in our patent translators in dealing with:
  • patent-specific technical language
  • the construction of the content of patent specifications
  • the vocabulary of the respective patent classes
  • the formatting of patent specifications

Our services

Translation of patents, etc., both for applications in patent offices worldwide and for information purposes only:
  • European patents, utility models, trademarks, etc.
  • PCT patents
  • US patents
  • Japanese patents
  • patent drawings
  • correspondence
  • technical literature

Layout of the patents

We design the layout of the patent translations depending on the country and the desire of the client.
For Europe, for example, we conform exactly to the guidelines of the European Patent Office for the layout of the patent translations. Therefore, no further editing is necessary on your part and you experience no unpleasant surprises when you file your patent application.
  • Translation of the claims to fulfill the requirements
  • Translation of the description
  • Translation of the abstract (PCT applications)
  • Lettering of the drawings
  • Maintaining the formal requirements: 1.5-line spacing and 12 point font
  • Completed compilation of description, claims, and drawing for filing.

Certification of the patent translation

If a certification of the translation of your patent application is required by the national legislative authority, we are able to issue a translator’s certificate at any time.

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