Our guiding principle

We work with patent translators who are native speakers and live in the target country. The same patent translator, who has already familiarized himself with the vocabulary of the client, always works for a specific client. Therefore, uniform, correct terminology and steady quality of patent translations is always ensured. In a second step, our readers check the patent translations.

Our quality management

Our quality assurance procedures are oriented in accordance with EN 15038. As the client, you are the center of attention.

Quality assurance

To ensure high-quality patent translations, we proceed according to the following principle:

1. Patent analysis

We analyze your patent in regard to the field of the invention and compile the necessary reference material. We select a patent translator who is professionally suitable for the respective patent class. Naturally, the same patent translator is always used for regular clients.

2. Preparation of a terminology database

For every patent or patent class, we prepare a terminology database with the terms used in the respective patent class.

3. Translation of the patent

We translate your patent using terminology management programs in order to ensure uniformity of the terminology in the entire translation and in any possible subsequent patents.

4. Proofreading

After translation, every patent is proofread again in regard to technical precision and patent-specific formulations.

5. Editing

After we have a factually correct patent translation, it is edited. Style and sentence structure are checked again so that the result reads, quite simply, like a patent.

6. Formatting and layout of the patent

The translated patents are formatted in the correct patent format. Any patent drawings are translated and lettered again.

7. Punctual delivery

We know about deadlines for patents. Your translated patent is therefore delivered absolutely punctually.


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